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Omega-3 fatty acids do not provide any benefit for heart health says latest study

Numerous studies regarding diet were presented at the recent 2018 European Society of Cardiology meeting held in Munich – Germany.

One study on supplements changed the minds of many cardiologists about the use of certain nutritional supplements in treating heart conditions. The study found that Omega-3 fatty acid supplements do not provide any benefit for heart health at a dose of 1 gram daily. A current ongoing trial using 4 grams is being performed, but enthusiasm for Omega-3 among cardiologists has diminished almost completely.

In another study scores were given to different food groups to establish whether a particular type of food is unhealthy or healthy. The table 5 below is a summary of the findings.

There is also a new drug for weight loss called Lorcaserin which works on antagonising the natural serotonin receptors in the brain, and it would appear that the drug does not have serious adverse side effects like most other appetite suppressants.